Sunday, August 30, 2009

Welcoming September :)

August is coming to an end... N to tel u the truth, the month was nothing less than Awesome...I had a wonderful month... Lovely days... big events... and gr8 news...

To those of u who ve read and responded to the CALL... I ve got my call.. or so it seems.. In a month or so, I may have to leave home.. in search of my destiny.. I am following my dreams... At 22, I m still a student and wil be so for the next 3 yrs or so.. :)

With August coming to an end, I am down with a bad cold and a sore throat... I m already taking pills as a precaution so tht it doesnt lead to anything else... and no, all those who already askd me n might feel like asking me, I dont hav SWINE FLU... the H1N1 has not got to me yet!!! ( all my cousin's, frendz had only this to ask when i told them I was down with a cold)...

Next... To all Malayalis out there... Wishing U all a very Happy Onam... :) I have sumthin to look forward to, this Onam with all my cousins @ home.. 3 days of sadya.. n ll be gaining calories n calories which ll take sum 2 months or so to shed, but who gives a damn... I believe curves are anyday better than a zero figure :)

I strongly belived August was going to be a good month for me.. n It worked!!!
So here's wishing for a gr8 Month.. September 09... Happy Sept everyone... Have Fun!!!

P.S : And I ve decided not to stop blogging after all.. even if no one reads or comments on my post.. I shall continue doing this.. Blogging makes me feel good and in the end, thts the only thing that matters!!! :)


blunt edges said... ppl have been getting their calls...n here i have already started working n i haven't got any calls yet...sigh!

happy onam 2 u too n welcome the calories whole heartedly :)

ps: get well soon n keep assured i'll continue reading it :D

Lakshmi said...

Thanks BE... I hav got my call n am going to be buried in my books for 3 yrs..I am glad n grateful :)

N aftr the first comment, I feel better already.. I might as well as go to bed... a happier me signing out :D

gkam said...

Good for u gal!

Besides, why did u think to stop blogging?
Its like an imprint of oneself in the world of Internet. :)

and Happy Onam!
Keep Blogging. Cheers!

The abstract scientist said...

Hey , thanks for dropping by my blog. Glad you have got your call. Are you embarking on a phd? Good luck with whatever that is.

blunt edges said...

u have been tagged!!! :D:D:D

Lakshmi said...

Thanks Gauri... Ll continue blogging.. wherevr I am :)

Lakshmi said...

@ The Abstract Scientist... Yeah..By God's Grace,I ve got into this Integrated MPhil PhD programme...Looking forward to it.. :)

Anonymous said...

congrats for making through the that post as well..
phd is a programme to do...go for it....this country needs researchers..

Quest said...

Happy Onam :)

Lakshmi said...

Thank you RS :)