Sunday, September 1, 2013

From my Vantage Point

“You don't know me. You know one me, just like I know one you. And you can't know every me, and I can't know every you.”
― David Levithan, Every You, Every Me

I see her, married and divorced at 25. She is a year younger to me. She has known happiness and sorrow alike, loved and hated, the same person over a span of a few years. And now she walks alone. Independent. Living life, her way. Her eyes are kind, she has a pretty smile but is quite blunt at times and has an air of arrogance around her which few others can't seem to stand.

I see him. Bewildered. He’s young. And sensitive. But insensitive to other’s feelings. Immature. He is a chauvinist. And waiting to fall in love. I want to tell him, Good luck with that!

I see her. Confused. She is depressed all the time. Always on the lookout for a reason to worry. She spreads the dark aura around her, wherever she goes. Talk to her for an hour and you will feel suicidal. She tries hard to fit in, everywhere. I wish I could tell her that her worries aren’t going to get her anywhere, Get a life, girl!

I see him. A tad eccentric. Always smiling, a happy go lucky fellow trying to carve his niche in the world. Others ridicule him. I like him. He’s always nice to me.

I see her. Married. To a guy her parents found for her. He wants her Dad’s money. She tries to love him. Like she loved the other guy. Her first love. The man she wanted to marry. They were together for seven years. He just happened to be following a different religion.  

I see her. A multitude of façades. Someone I have to try hard to tolerate. Looks anorexic. She is self-obsessed. And mysterious. I like the way she giggles.

I see him. He has been married for a couple of months. And is unhappy. She is not the kind of person he wanted.  He has sleepless nights, worries a lot and he drinks; to forget his qualms. I want to tell him, don’t be a coward. Running away from your problems is never a solution.

I see her. Married and blessed with two little kids. She runs around trying to manage work and family. She’s a mess. She shirks her responsibilities. Maybe she’s just fed up. She has a beautiful smile. I wish I could tell her, Learn to prioritize.

I see him. He’s very young. Everything that comes out of his mouth is laced with sarcasm. He’s funny but people are cautious when they talk to him. He’s going to have a hard time when he grows up and finds out a lot of what he believes in, is utter bullshit. Humility is a virtue he doesn't know exists.

I am but a mute observer. I am not perfect, not even close to perfect. Maybe, I should be spending more time on self-introspection and bettering myself. 
But it’s beautiful, watching people, wondering what’s going on in their minds. Finding my own reasons, justifications for whatever they did. It makes life a lot interesting.

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Nithin said...

Subtle as the breeze of every cold night.
Dark as shadows ,always out of sight.
Beware of what I see,Beware of what I hear.
I am your fate, faithful rough and dear.