Monday, June 16, 2014

Show me someone who's not a hypocrite.

“So does he have an Audi? Will the honeymoon be at Paris?”

“He doesn’t own an Audi, nor do I know if we can ever afford a trip to Paris. You would want to know why I did it then. It’s called survival instinct, honey. Everybody has it. You will understand someday.”

“I just don’t want you to settle for somebody. You are very vulnerable right now and I want you to take some time off. Just that. Do it! You owe it to yourself.”

“I don’t want any time. I have made my decision. And I can proudly say that I have taken this decision on my own.”

“He is manipulative. You don’t know what you are getting yourself into.”

“Yes, I agree. He’s manipulative. But I think I have an idea what I am getting myself into. He must have been manipulative, but eventually, the decision was mine.”

“He left you no choice, did he?”

And with that sarcastic remark, it ended.

“Why did he care? Why did it matter to him who she ended up with? It could never have been with him. He wasn’t even there when it mattered.”

Her eyes were glistening and she felt it difficult to see properly. She looked down at her hand. The shiny yellow gold, she could feel the inscribed letters with her thumb. She gave the ring a reassuring pat and went back to work.

She typed a text, “The grass might be greener elsewhere, but I don’t think I want to find out. I’m happier this way”.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

l'interm├Ęde finale

She was a sapoisexualist, or so she claimed. She liked people who had a ‘higher than average’ intellect. She got bored easily. Books, movies, work, things, People! As long as they held her interest, she stayed. Then she strayed. She was always on the lookout for newer, better things.She liked people who played hard to get. She liked challenges. She liked winning. It fed her ego.

And then he came along. And wrecked her life. She was impressed by his usage of words, his way of talking, and his attitude. She wanted to get noticed. She craved for his attention. She began to let go of her principles, one by one. Anything to catch his interest, anything to make him stay. Pleasing him became the motto of her life. He once said, I am scared you will destroy me. But he was destroying her, day by day and she did not even care.
‘Loving you was a mistake, but I am loving that mistake’ said he.
‘You are the mistake of my life’ chimed her mind.
It was like a rut she was stuck in. However hard she tried, she couldn’t climb out. Her dignity and pride were thrown out for a toss. Nothing else mattered. Winning him over did.
She still doesn't know whether she was way too trivial for him to take notice. He was way too complicated for her to comprehend. Like the ‘Game of Thrones’. She had tried to read the books, but slammed it shut because it was too complex, too many characters in a single plot. She couldn't go beyond a few pages. And then she stopped trying. Some books are like that. They make you feel like an idiot because you just don’t get it. But there’s nothing one can do about it.
She wanted to leave, but couldn't bring herself to do it.Was it her insatiable need for attention or her voracious ego, she wasn't able to figure out.

And one day she did. Holding tightly onto whatever pride left in her, she decided to end it all. She freed herself, from the words which held her there. All that was left were memories. She decided to keep them... until she made new ones. 

Little did she know he would leave a deep scar in her, in a way no one before him had. It hurt at times, and she was too conceited to admit that she was secretly proud of the scar.

"As promised. No Paris, No Barcelona.Only today.
Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero."


Someday the winds shall change,
And she shall sail back to him.

And like a Lighthouse,
He will stand there by the sea,
Battered by the waves, yet unflinching,
Shining day and night,
Waiting for her bullhorn.

P.S: Is she being a hypocrite or is it him? :)