Monday, June 16, 2014

Show me someone who's not a hypocrite.

“So does he have an Audi? Will the honeymoon be at Paris?”

“He doesn’t own an Audi, nor do I know if we can ever afford a trip to Paris. You would want to know why I did it then. It’s called survival instinct, honey. Everybody has it. You will understand someday.”

“I just don’t want you to settle for somebody. You are very vulnerable right now and I want you to take some time off. Just that. Do it! You owe it to yourself.”

“I don’t want any time. I have made my decision. And I can proudly say that I have taken this decision on my own.”

“He is manipulative. You don’t know what you are getting yourself into.”

“Yes, I agree. He’s manipulative. But I think I have an idea what I am getting myself into. He must have been manipulative, but eventually, the decision was mine.”

“He left you no choice, did he?”

And with that sarcastic remark, it ended.

“Why did he care? Why did it matter to him who she ended up with? It could never have been with him. He wasn’t even there when it mattered.”

Her eyes were glistening and she felt it difficult to see properly. She looked down at her hand. The shiny yellow gold, she could feel the inscribed letters with her thumb. She gave the ring a reassuring pat and went back to work.

She typed a text, “The grass might be greener elsewhere, but I don’t think I want to find out. I’m happier this way”.

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