Monday, July 27, 2015

Loneliness, the ultimate antagonist

Translated from 'Intermission' by Ganesh Malayath

Leaving her all alone in the theater,
The protagonist and the villain
Went for a coffee during the intermission 

The leading lady sensed lonesomeness,
In the emptiness of the seats before her
And hunger,
Seeing all the popcorn strewn around

The cacophony of gun shots startled her
She strained her ears 
And heard people running around,
Their muffled, helpless cries.

And then, there was silence
Ominous silence.

She waited in fear,
Looking at the closed doors
Blissfully ignorant of whatever happened.
But no one returned.

And then that thought crossed her mind
She hoped at least the villain would come back for her.


Reflections said...

"At least the villain would come back ..... ".. Nice..

Lakshmi said...

@ Reflections Yup, I thought so too. It makes perfect sense. What brings you here though?

blunt edges said...

And I always thought villains were cooler any way.

Reflections said...

@Lakshmi - "Memories".....