Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Fifty Shades of me.

I will come for you as you lie awake
Squeezing your eyes shut
Oblivious that the world inside
Is sinister than the darkness you see outside

I will watch you toss and turn
You know there is nowhere you can go
Squirm and scream if you must
But I am never letting you go.

I shall revel in the knowledge
That you will always do my bidding
Tell me your deep, dark secrets
That you never want to talk about.

Give me the key to your thoughts 
Allow me to set you free
I shall be your hero
And take away all the pain

"The monsters in your head 
are frightening for the very same reason 
everyone believes they should not be, 
they aren’t real, 
because day in and day out 
you must live with the knowledge 
that your own mind is working against you, 
whispering dark things in the middle of the night, 
disobeying your desperate cries to stop, 
your own mind is a murderous adversary, 
an enemy under your own skin,
and nothing is quite so terrifying." 

Beau Taplin.

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