Thursday, June 13, 2013

Little Green Wings

So fragile and feeble it looked
The little black head,
And the petite green wings
which sustained its existence

It just sat there motionless
Rooted to its spot,
As I tried to capture it live
With my camera’s lenses

A nudge and a gust of air
Weren't enough to make it sway,
It just stood there, proud
And made me sit and ponder.

I thought of its life span
The very little time it had,
And how it remained unperturbed
Unlike countless others I knew

There was no haste
It had nowhere to go visit,
No commitments to be kept
Or desires to be met

It was content and so at ease
Sitting there awaiting its destiny,
Never will I know if it had been told
That it was to perish, but in a day

The sun went down and rose again
The green wings stayed,
Serene and unruffled, in a form so lifeless
But you would never know the difference

It had passed on
Without much ado,
Whether anyone cared
I guess we will never know.

I talked to someone recently who told me death freaks him out. He who thinks there is so much to lose in death; people you love, ambitions, things you haven't seen, you haven't done, places you haven’t gone to. Thought of you while writing this :)
Shot at SBT, NIT C a couple of weeks back :)