Saturday, January 9, 2016

Random Musings #2

1. I will do anything for Lindt. Esp Lindor truffles. The extra dark ones. Mmmmmm... 
2. I don't understand why I don't write often. Writing is good. Writing is therapy, at least for me. 
3. Marriage is not the reason why I don't write. I don't think getting married has changed the person I am. Marriage, for me has been settling with a roommate for life. A roommate who you can take for granted ; who will take care of you when you are sick and not run away seeing you puke; who will lend you money unconditionally; who is a guinea pig in your culinary experiments. 
4. I used to be the 'vivere senza rimpianti' person. I still am or am I not? Well, nobody regrets stuff that brought them happiness, so do they have the right to complain about the stuff that made them sad? Does this even make sense? :D
5.The INTERVIEW is next week. It could be a life changing day or not. Either way, I am going to make the most out of it.
6. I got myself a Fitbit and I am glad I did. 
7. An aunt passed away last month, a friend gave birth to a kid. The end of an era, the birth of a family. Life goes on.
8. I still love the ocean, my vital Vitamin SEA; pun intended. It makes my mind go blank, its like meditation, I lose control over my brain. All thoughts gone and I can focus on the waves.

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deeps said...

hope life is changed for the better